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Survival: mc.auroraserver.games 1.18.1



#ailise.net on SynIRC (but we prefer Discord, see subreddit)

Steam Group



Ailise/AuroraServer/Discord info: https://reddit.com/r/ailise


General Minecraft Rules

Don't be an idiot, especially not on purpose. Use common sense.
No PvP. We have special arenas for that.
No vandalism. Build, not destroy.
Don't ask to be OP/Mod/++/+
Don't ask for teleports, weather, or time changes.
Be friendly. Hateful behavior will result in kick/ban.
Respect each other! We have players worldwide of all ages.

Other Guidelines

Mods may not abuse their power. Mods may not make regions and block people out because they want something for themselves.


Handy text document of commands!

PvP Policy

PvP is not allowed. However, if all parties participating consent, PvP is between the parties.
Please announce this in the chat so that there will be no issues against you later.
Please use the PvP arenas for this purpose.





Why did this get removed?

++ indicate someone with distinguished status, and not necesarily one with power.


The server is down!!11!!one

That isn't a question. And please check various sources, such as the Twitter feed, or ask someone in IRC. If no one is answering you, please be patient, as someone may become aware of the issue at some point.

The website broke!

That also isn't a question, but please let thinkaliker know and he'll try to fix it as fast as he can.

Can I have OP?


What are the different rankings?

Mods - These people help moderate the server, and can ban people if necessary.
++ - These are people who are deemed trustworthy.
+ - These people are deemed by Goldenflame2 as a veteran or someone he likes.

Can I have ++/+?

No. Goldenflame2 is the one who gives people ++/+. Please do not pester him for it.

How do I get land protected?

Please ask a mod or anyone with ++ status to protect your land for you. If no mod is online, you can use /mail to let them know.

How did AuroraServer come to?

Check this post to learn a little bit about our past!

How do I play Minecraft?

How should I know? Google it

Server Boost

What is a server boost?

A boost helps make the server better! It's a little something extra that can help the server run a little better or faster (extra cores, more memory, etc)!

Please keep in mind that boosting the server is NOT necessary. The server will stay running even without a boost. It is a donation which is additional to the already paid server bill.

Please do not expect any in-game compensation or rewards for donations.

Boost (Playment)

CreeperHost Playments